Year 2

Class Teacher: Mrs E Cieloch

Support Staff: Miss B Farrell & Mrs S Kosar


Our PE days are Mondays and Thursdays. Please ensure your child comes to school in their full P.E kit on these days. It is expected that all items are clearly named. 


Our class visits the library on a Friday  so please make sure books are brought back to be changed.


The children will be given spellings to learn on a Monday and will be tested on them on Fridays . Please support your child in learning their spellings through the week.

Reading books need to be returned on a Thursday and will be reissued the following Monday. This is to make sure that all books have had the 3 days quarantine before sending them out again to a different household. Please spend time with your child supporting and listening to them with their reading and talking to them about what they have read. 

A homework grid relating to the topic being covered will be sent home at the beginning of each half term. The children are expected to research and produce answers to at least 1 of the questions. They can answer the questions with as much creativity as they wish. They will be expected to share their work with the rest of the class.


Please follow the link to see an overview of what the children are learning:

Long Term Plan 

Autumn 1 (Sept-Oct)                                                              Autumn 2 (Oct - Dec)

Knowledge Organiser (Aut 1)                                               Knowledge Organiser (Aut 2)

Homework Grid (Aut 1)                                                        Homework Grid (Aut 2)


Spring 1 (Jan - Feb)                                                              Spring 2 (Feb - Apr)

Homework Grid (Spr 1)                                                        Homework Grid (Spr 2)

Knowledge Organiser                                                          Knowledge Organiser


Summer 1 (Apr - May)                                                         Summer 2 (Jun - July)

Homework Grid (Sum 1)                                                     Homework Grid (Sum 2)

Knowledge Organiser                                                        Knowledge Organiser

Pupil Views November 2020

If you had to describe our school in one word, what would it be?