Who are we?

School governors are people who want to make a positive contribution to children’s education.
Our school governors have a wide range of experience and expertise that plays an important strategic role in the development of our school.

Foundation Governors are appointed for a four-year term by the Episcopal Vicar for Schools and Colleges, on behalf of the Archbishop, to represent the interests of the Trustees of the Archdiocese or, in schools under the Trusteeship of a Religious Order, by the person approved by the Order to make such appointments to serve the interests of their Trusteeship, working under the authority of the Archbishop. For primary schools they are nominated by the Parish Priest. Foundation Governors form the majority on a Catholic school’s governing body. They have the responsibility of assisting the Bishop, by sustaining and developing the Catholic ethos and distinctive Catholic nature of the school in which they serve. They have a specific commission that takes the form of an undertaking to ensure that the school is at all times conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Archdiocesan Trust Deed.
Parent Governors are elected by the parents in school. Parent governors provide a parental viewpoint, though they are representative parents rather than representatives of parents.
The staff governor is nominated by the staff in the school. The head and parish priest are also governors. The LA governor is appointed by the local authority. All of these governors have full voting rights.

Governors at St Mary's and St Peter's

Miss D Varanda - Chair of Governors/Foundation Governor

Mrs M Khambhaita - Head teacher Governor

Rev Fr Patrick - Foundation Governor

Mrs C Hyde - Foundation Governor

Mr S Gallacher - Foundation Governor

Mr J McDonnell - Foundation Governor

Mrs J Lovick - Staff Governor

Mrs S Owoeye - Parent Governor


Sandra Grice - Clerk to Governors

Named Governors

Child Protection/Safeguarding/Pupil Premium/Health & Safety              Miss D Varanda

Equal opportunities/Social Cohesion                                                      

Parental Involvement                                                                               Mrs J Lovick, Mrs S Owoeye


Humanities                                                                                               Mrs J Lovick

Science & Maths                                                                                      

R.E & Catholic Life                                                                                   Rev Fr Patrick


Head teacher's Performance Management                                            

Early Years                                                                                             



Curriculum & School Improvement                           Finance                                      Admissions                        

 Mrs J Lovick                                                                 Mrs M Khambhaita                   Mrs M Khambhaita

 Mrs M Khambhaita                                                                                                             Miss D Varanda


Staff dismissal/grievance/appeals                             Staffing & Premises