Special Educational Needs


Early Identification of Needs

Upon entering school either as a new starter or during important transition phases, staff monitor and support children as they settle into new routines or prepare for changes. If staff feel extra support is needed for an individual or small group they will liaise with the Special Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo), whose job it is to oversee and co-ordinate all SEND provision within school. Initially, an informal discussion would take place with the class teacher to identify strategies to support each child within the main classroom setting.

Further Support (Action taken within school)

If it is felt that a more formal level of support would benefit the child, the class teacher along with advice from the SENDCo would plan an appropriately differentiated curriculum for the child. This ensures that they continue to receive high quality teaching and learning, effective support and use of appropriate resources or interventions, as necessary.

An Individual Support Plan may be put in place to set achievable outcomes for each child. These are reviewed regularly using evidence of the impact of any interventions. The class teacher tracks progress to ensure planning accurately addresses the individual needs of each pupil. The class teacher and SENDCo meet each term to review strategies, interventions, progress and next steps. Where appropriate, children can be involved in setting their own targets and can review them alongside teachers. Parents are vital partners in the child’s journey through school and are invited to review their child’s progress at Parent’s Eveningsnor whenever they feel they would like further support or clarification.


External Agencies (Action including support from other professionals)

Support for children may also be sought from external agencies, where necessary, in order to increase learning potential. Our school works closely with  the NHS Speech and Language Therapy Team, Occupational Health and Physiotherapy Services, the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), Specialist Training in Autism and liaise closely with the Child Development Centre (CDC) at St. Luke's Hospital. Local authority services include school improvement, Complex Needs Team - Educational Psychologist, Special Educational Needs Inclusion Team. We also liaise with High Schools during Year 6 in order to provide transition support for SEND pupils moving onto the next phase in their school career.


All staff in school are trained, and have worked alongside other professionals, to develop their skills, knowledge and expertise in specific areas of SEND. Throughout the school year staff training days and meetings are scheduled to deliver whole-school training on specific SEND areas (e.g. Speech and Language support, Level 1 Autism and Team Teach).

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