St Mary's and St Peter's Catholic Primary School

"In God we Love, Laugh and Learn"


Our school Governing Body is made up of 4 Foundation Governors who are appointed by the Diocese of Leeds, 1 Local Authority Governor, 2 Parent Governors, 1 Staff Governor and the Head teacher. 


Type of Governor


Term Ends

     Sub Committee

 Attendance 2016-2017

  Foundation Governors   Mr A Glennon (Chair) 28/01/2020 Curriculum & School Improvement; Finance  100%
    Mr J Wilkinson (Vice     Chair) 31/12/2018 Finance, Staffing & Premises, Curriculum & School Improvement  100%
    Rev. Fr. Solomon Bulus    (Parish Priest) 30/11/2018   66%
    Mr A Dwyer  24/10/2020   60%
  LA Governor   Mr R Mahmood 22/07/2018 Pupil discipline, Staff discipline, Staff dismissal, Staff grievance, appeals, Admissions 83%
  Staff Governor   Mrs J Lovick   Curriculum & School Improvement  
  Parent Governors        
    Mr. Nazakat 24/10/2020   Curriculum & School Improvement 60%
  Headteacher   Mrs J Holland N/A Curriculum& School Improvement; Finance, Admissions  100%
  Clerk to the Governors   Mrs S Edwards     N/A

Clerk to Sub-       Committees

  Mrs H Spafford     N/A
Named Governors  
Child Protection/Safeguarding Mr. A. Glennon
Equal Opportunities/Social Cohesion Mrs Lovick
Health & Safety Mr. R Mahmood, Mrs J Holland
English Mr J Wilkinson
Mathematics Mrs Lovick
RE & Catholic Life Fr S Bulus
Pupil Premium/Disadvantaged pupils/Children Looked After/SEND  Fr S Bulus
Headteacher's Performance Management Mr J Wilkinson, Mr R Mahmood
Early Years Mr A Glennon