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E-safety for Parents

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs L Haywood

This page is for you as parents to give you some help when looking at keeping your children safe on the internet. Every day there is a new threat out there from the ever increasing world of technology and digital media. Here are some sites that can keep you up to date with the developments. 


 Childnet International      Childnet international - This is a useful site for parents to tell you how to keep your child safe on the internet. It also includes a range of resources for you to use.


NSPCC net aware - Most children have mobile devices these day such as mobile phones, tablets, games consoles I-pods and laptops.This site shows the many APPs that the children are able to download that can be dangerous to them.  

 Do you know what all of these APPs are for?



                Pop Jam                              Instagram                               Snap chat                           Facebook                     


            Minecraft                                  Bin Weevils                  Omegle:  -Talk to Strangers       Moviestar planet


      chat roulette                                  MyLOL                                  YouTube                                 Twitter 


Internet matters - this website covers a vast array of information about ICT including which is the best mobile device to get for your child as well as the current issues of cyberbullying and inappropriate materials.

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