St Mary's and St Peter's Catholic Primary School

"In God we Love, Laugh and Learn"

School Council

The School Council members are:

Year 6 -   Sid  - Chair Person                 Muskaan - Secretary

Year 5 -   Menazhi                                  Annastazia

Year 4 -   Hibbah                                    Imran

Year 3 -  Kristin                                     Cornel

Year 2 -  Falaq - Deputy Chair              Qasim

Having a School Council can be rewarding for the pupils and it helps to develop strong communication links between the adults and the children in school. The School Council is a body of pupils set up to represent all pupils on issues that affect them, anything from what they eat at lunchtime to changes in the school building. We held a democratic election with a secret ballot to ensure all children had an opportunity to become a School Councillor.

An effective School Council represents the views of all the pupils.  Our School Councillors ask for the views of their peers and bring those ideas to each meeting for further discussion. The Council will work hard all year: attending meetings, discussing ideas, listening to others, producing posters, assisting charity events, collecting donations. They will also represent St Mary's and St Peter's throughout the year attending special events and celebrations.

What has been happening so far?

Meetings attended ,  Nominated/voted on roles and responsibilities,  Discussed House Point Treat options with peers,  Discussed the Harvest charity with their classes and produced posters to request donations,  Assisted in collecting all the Harvest donations,  Year 5 and 6 councillors attended an Internet Safety Roadshow and gave feedback to their classmates about the experience.